Top 10 Best Pizza Pans and Stone Reviews in 2021

From our reviews, Here are the top rated and best Pizza Pans and Stone with difference choices of shapes, material and other features you can buy in 2016.

I recently picked up these various different products that are used for baking pizzas. A lot of these products I was very impressed with, from purchasing a pizza plate to various pizza stones, I found that these really were good quality products and made pizza baking all the more easy and enjoyable.

The 10 Best Pizza Pans and Stones

1 AirBake Nonstick Pizza Pan

The first item that I ordered was the ‘AirBake Nonstick Pizza Pan’ in 15.75 inches. I found that this bakes pizzas beautifully. Every time I have used this product since I purchased it the final outcome has been incredible. The double layer metal helps to ensure that the crust is baked evenly and to perfection, and the crust is always delicious and crisp. The pan will work if you’re making pizza from scratch, with a kit or even a store-bought frozen pizza. It’s very effortless to clean, a helpful tip would be to gently and lightly spray the pan with cooking spray before baking the crust to make the cleanup process even easier.

All in all, this pan has impressed me a lot and is definitely a must buy for anyone in need of an excellent pizza pan.

2 Wilton Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone

The next product that I bought is a ‘Wilton Ceramic Pizza Stone’ in 15 inches. I read a lot of reviews claiming that their pizza stone cracked whilst in the oven. I believe that the reason for this is that many people are placing the stone straight into an already preheated oven. Therefore I recommend putting the stone into the oven during the preheat stage, as the sudden change of temperature is what’s causing the stone to break. I haven’t had this problem. I found that this pizza stone allowed for a lovely, even bake.

It prevented burning and left the crust perfectly crisp. It was easy to clean up, however it did stain. Overall, this stone is very useful and gives a lovely, even bake.

3 Heritage, 15 inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone

Another product that I ordered is another pizza stone, this one is called ‘Heritage, Black Ceramic Pizza Stone’ and is also 15 inches and has a pizza cutter attached. This product was so easy to clean and again, left the pizza so crispy. I found that the pizza came out perfectly browned too. The stone is quite heavy, but I didn’t have any issues with removing it from the oven at all.

This stone does hold some staining, however, isn’t very noticeable due to it being a dark color. It is very thick so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of it potentially cracking whilst in the oven. In summary, this pizza stone is good quality and easy to clean, however, you still will have the issue of it staining, but as I mentioned, the stains are not easily noticed due to its coloring. It baked the pizza very well and is a good quality product that is worth the money.

4 Pizzacraft Square Cordierite Baking/Pizza Stone

I purchased next to the ‘Pizzacraft 15 inch Square Baking/Pizza stone’. This baking stone is not the most expensive pizza stone on the market but is certainly decent quality for the money. This stone will not crack due to sudden temperature change and is supposed to be shock proof so shouldn’t shatter if you drop it. The shatter-resistant part is yet to be tested, however, it didn’t crack whilst in the oven. The stone is a decent thickness, at least 1/2 an inch thick which is great for the low price. As far as how it baked the pizza, it baked as expected, very evenly and left the crust very crispy. For the low price, I think that this pizza stone is a great deal.

5 Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone

The next product I tested was the ‘Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone’ and this one was slightly bigger than the rest, is 16 inches. The first thing that I noticed when this arrived is how thick it is. This pizza stone is extremely well built and excellent quality, meaning that it is also very heavy. On the other hand, it is quite soft which means it could scratch and indent with ease, so avoid using sharp objects on this one. The crust cooked really nicely, it was crisp on the outer edges but softer in the center. Cleaning wise, this wasn’t as easy to clean as I had hoped. The stone porosity allowed it to stain very easily. Overall, it is a very good quality pizza stone despite it being difficult to clean and being quite soft, I would definitely recommend this product.

6 Farberware Nonstick Bakeware 13-Inch Round Pizza Crisper

Another product that I tested was the ‘Faberware Nonstick Bakeware 13 inch Round Pizza Crisper’. This pan is extremely sturdy and very heavy. The pizza crust did not stick at all and it baked the crust really nicely. This pizza pan is probably best for baking thin crust pizzas. It is a breeze to clean and I have not had any trouble with it staining unlike some of the other products I have tested. All in all, this pizza pan is ideal for baking thin crust pizzas and is easy to clean, and because of the cheap price, you can’t really go wrong when purchasing this product. I highly recommend this as a cheap alternative.

7 Cuisinart AMB-14PP Chef's Classic Nonstick Bakeware

I also tried the ‘Cuisinart Chef’s Plastic Nonstick 14 inch Pizza Pan’. This pan does have holes in the bottom, which means that it’s probably best to roll out the dough before putting it onto the pan. The crust gets really crispy due to a number of holes it has in the bottom of it. I found that this pizza pan actually worked more efficiently than some of the pizza stones I had previously tried, it definitely left the pizza base extra crispy. A draw back to this would be that I found it difficult to remove the pizza base completely without it sticking, which also makes the pan hard to clean. Other than the dough sticking to the pan, this pan is good quality for the price.

8 Lodge Pro-Logic P14P3 Cast Iron Pizza Pan

I then tested the ‘Lodge Pro-logic Cast Iron 14 inch Pizza Pan’. This pizza pan is incredible, no matter how skilled you are at making pizzas, this will more than likely give you superb results the first time you try it. The crust baked absolutely perfectly, it did not burn and browned very evenly. I found that it was very easy to clean too and the dough did not stick to the pan. I am highly impressed with this product, and unlike a pizza stone, it will never shatter. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to spend a little bit more on an incredible quality pizza pan.

9 Round Pizza Stone 15 Inch 3/4

The next product that I bought was the ‘Round 15 inch Pizza Stone’ which is 3/4 inches thick. Firstly, it came packaged in Styrofoam so that it wouldn’t get broken which was much appreciated. The stone is very large, which allows it to absorb heat very easily. It came with very clear instructions. The instructions stated not wash it with soap to prevent the stone from staining which is useful information. The pizza came out really well, and this also comes with an E-recipe book which allows you to discover new unique recipes for pizzas. All in all, this product was not a regretted purchase, I think that it’s really great value for money considering how it’s packaged, it’s performance and the added e-recipe-book that is included.

10 Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker

The last product that I bought and tested was the ‘Betty Crocker Pizza Maker’. It cooked the dough extremely fast, it only took around 10 minutes to fully cook through which was convenient. It cooked the top and the bottom evenly and cooked the dough all the way through. The size also makes it very useful, as it is small enough to be stored away in a cupboard, or left out on the counter for display without taking up too much space. Overall, I really like this product, I think it’s a quick and convenient way to cook pizza, and with it not being too large, it makes it easy to store too.


To conclude, all of these products that I tried I enjoyed using. Some more than others, however there isn’t one that I would return or that I regret buying. If you are wanting to start baking your own pizzas or are looking for a new pizza pan, any one of these products would be very useful.

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