Top 10 Best Cupcake Carrier Reviews in 2021

If you are in the market for the best portable cupcake carrier, here is a look at the top 10 best cupcakes carriers in 2017, to help you make the right choice.

Today’s cupcakes are not your grandmother’s cupcakes or your mothers for that matter. Today, the creation of the cupcake has become almost an art form. Television shows such as the Food Networks “Cupcake Wars” pit highly skilled bakers against one another in the bid to see who can create the most unique, delicious and beautifully crafted cupcake. Whether for home dinners, birthday parties or bake sales, where the humble cookie once ruled, now the cupcake has taken its place as the king of baked goods.

There is much work that goes into creating the perfect cupcake. With cupcake recipes ranging from the decadent German chocolate to the healthy and flavorful vegan varieties, much skill is required to bake the perfect cupcake. As for decoration, once upon a time, just a simple icing and few sprinkles would do, but now it is all about crafting the perfect design, which often involves a theme, advanced cake decorating skills, icings, fondants, and fillings.

Cupcake Carrier Reviews

With so much time invested in the creation of your cupcakes, it is important to choose a dependable and sturdy cupcake carrier to transport your baked goods. Below we have assembled the absolute best cupcake carriers on the market today. Each carrier has a proven track record with satisfied customers, and each fits a particular need. Some carriers are lightweight, single-use, containers, while others are tough, durable and built to last. knowing your specific needs will assist you in choosing the best cupcake carrier for you.

The Best Cupcake Carrier Reviews in 2019

1 Snapware 2-Layer Cupcake and Cookie Carrier

This cupcake carrier by World Kitchen is number one from our reviews for the best cupcake carrier. Its deceptively simple design functions to carry your deliciously baked goods with you wherever you need via its sturdy handle and solid construction.

The carrier is made of durable, transparent plastic so you can check on your cupcakes or cookies with ease. The layers snap together and come with two inside reversible trays which mean you can confidently tote not only cupcakes and muffins but also cookies and sheet cakes. The handles on the sides of the inner trays conveniently fold in and out to make storing your cupcakes or cookies easy. This carrier comes with a lifetime warranty, dimensions are 14.8 x 11. 8.5 inches.

2 Katgely Cupcake Boxes Cupcake Containers 24 Pack

The Katgely Cupcake Container, 24 pack, is constructed of high quality, durable, transparent plastic that is BPA free. All of your perfectly iced, and delicious cupcakes will be held securely in place during transport as Superior Locks keep the container sealed.

These are made to be disposable, but they can be reused washed with warm soapy water, as an abrasive cleanser may render them useless. The Katgely Cupcake Container holds 24 cupcakes for each container, with a total of 48 cupcakes. This is a set of 4 containers, each container is a 2 piece that separates to a top and bottom. Dimensions: 18 x 12-3/4 x 3-3/4 inches.

3 VonShef Snap and Stack Blue 3 Tier Cupcake Holder & Cake Carrier Container

If you need a carrier that can do some heavy hauling, the VonShef is for you. The VonShef 3 Tier Blue Snap and Stack Carrier is not only a durable carrier, but is also quite stylish as well, and is the perfect carryall for your custom cupcake creations.

The VonShef 3 Tier can hold up to 36 cupcakes snuggly and securely, with room for icing. What makes the VonShef carrier so special is its stacking system and conveniently placed clamps found on each layer. These layers can be separated in case you only need to transport a single layer of 12. These layers come with handles and placeholders that are molded for your cupcakes which work to keep them in place. Made from sturdy, high quality, BPA free plastic. Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 11 inches.

4 Cupcake Courier Cupcake Carrier (G0214B)

The Cupcake Courier was developed by a mother of two who needed a dependable and reusable way to transport all of the cupcakes she’d make for her children’s school functions. Through trial and error, and many long hours, the Cupcake Courier was born.

This carrier carries up to 36 cupcakes securely. The Cupcake Courier is a versatile product which contains removable trays for transporting layer cakes, or cookie sheets The cookie sheets are sold separately, and turns each tier into a cookie courier. The Cupcake Courier has a handy handle and convenient snap lock system that makes it easy to transport while keeping your delicious creations fresh. Dimensions: 16.5 x 13.4 x 11.7 inches.

5 VonShef Snap and Stack Cupcake Storage Carrier 2 Tier

The VonShef Snap and Stack 2 Tier Storage Carrier is just what you need to take your delectable treats from kitchen to picnic.

The layers conveniently split for 12 cupcakes for each container. This carrier is lightweight, sports a streamlined, simple design, with sturdy locking clips will help keep your cupcakes or muffins fresh and delicious. With 12 cupcakes for each layer, this VonShef Snap and Stack can comfortably fit up to 24 cupcakes. The internal shelving is reversible, which results in a flat surface suitable for transporting a large cake if needed. Easy to wash and maintain and completely dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 13.6 x 10.2 x 4.1.

6 DuraCasa Cupcake Carrier

The DuraCasa Cupcake carrier is quite a nice product for those of you looking for a dependable way to get your baked goods from counter top to bake sale.

This is a versatile, lightweight, multi-purpose cupcake carrier as it securely transports up to 24 cupcakes but also up to 2 sheet cakes and cookies as well as any other form of pastry via reversible trays that easily flip from flat side to cupcake side. You can use one layer, or stack two, clamping them together with snap to lock clamps. Constructed of high-quality BPA free plastic, and comes in white, blue, pink or red. Product dimensions: 14.5 x 10.5 x 8 inches. The company gives a lifetime guarantee for their product.

7 Wilton Ultimate 3-In-1 Cupcake Caddy and Carrier

Wilton is a well known and trusted manufacturer of high-quality bakeware. The Wilton Ultimate 3-in-1 Cupcake Caddy and Carrier works to transport your cupcakes, muffins, mini cupcakes, and sheet cakes comfortably and snuggly with its well-crafted design.

This model is one of the few that is used as a mini cupcake carrier, as it can easily transport 12 cupcakes with icing, or 24 mini cupcakes. You can also transport 9 x 13 size fully decorated sheet cakes as well. The carrier is locked using four latches. The cover has a see-through window so you can keep an eye on your creations. When not using to transport baked goods, the Wilton 3-in-One Caddy and Carrier can be used as storage at home to keep your cookies, bread, brownies, pies and cakes fresh. Product Dimensions: 14 x 17 x 7 inches.

8 The Progressive PL8 Cupcake Carrier & Display PL8 5200

The Progressive PL8 Cupcake Carrier also acts to display your baked goods in an elegant and impressive manner. This two piece set holds up to 24 cupcakes in extra deep holders which add to their stability during transport.

When it comes time to display your cupcakes, use the three-tier display stand. The three tiers hold up to eight cupcakes and remain erect in the carrier. This product is easy to maintain and collapses for ease of storage, and all parts are dishwasher safe. If you need to transport a 9-inch layer cake, simply remove the cupcake holders. Dimensions: 13.3 x 12.9 x 9 inches.

9 12 pc.- 6 compartment Cupcake Containers with Hinged Lid

These 6 compartment cupcake containers are built for basic cupcake transporters only and are simply containers and not carriers.

This is a set of 12 containers which can fit up to 6 cupcakes each. The lid is a simple hinge construction with a bar lock to help keep the containers secure. These cupcake travel containers made of clear plastic and are disposable after use. Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 2.5 inches.

10 Kitchen Space 24 Large Cupcake Carrier

If you are a fan of making large cupcakes and need some dependable storage and transport, then the Kitchen Space 24 Large Cupcake Carrier might be what you are looking for. This carrier can hold up to 24 large cupcakes or two cakes, without doing damage to the structure or decorated icings. This is a versatile and multi-functional product with removable mix and match pieces such as trays, lids, and layers, all used to store or tote your cookies, rolls, cupcakes or pies.

You can also use one layer for your cookies and the second one for cupcakes or muffins. This carrier is also expandable, in that you can purchase another two carriers and connect them to build one carrier with 3 or 4 layers. This durable carrier simply snaps to lock. Constructed of BPA-free clear high-quality plastic, it is easy to maintain and store. Dimensions: 13.4 x 9.8 x 7.7 inches.


No matter how you love your cupcakes this cupcakes carrier review can most certainly help you narrow down your choices. For busy moms looking for that perfect portable cupcake carrier and cupcake travel holder, the 3-in-1 Wilton might be just what you need. Others who just need a basic 24 cupcake carrier, for large cupcakes, will find the Kitchen Space carrier sufficient. All in all, with careful research and consideration, you are sure to find the perfect portable cupcake carrier for you.

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